We are the people to ask from your area when it comes to cleaning your oven. Using only fully trained and insured staff from your local area, you know you will be able to trust us.

  • Whilst we are working we will ensure all of our work areas are protected.
  • We will remove all of the racks, shelfs, doors and removable parts making sure we can get to every hard to reach area.
  • All of the removable parts (material dependant) will be put into our heated dip tank and soaked to ensure all carbon, grease and dirt is removed.
  • The inside of your oven will be thoroughly cleaned using our Eco Friendly products, and your glass/stainless steel brought back to its original shine.
  • Your oven will be left looking brand new and ready to use straight away without the old unpleasant odour.

COVID compliance statement:

Following government guidelines we will wear appropriate PPE, sanitising hands regularly and maintaining distance.